The Gamer’s Craic is a podcast based around the world of gaming. Specifically the world around the gaming of Donncha and David, two wordpress.com bloggers. Since talking about oneself in the third person is creepy and can be indicative of serious mental problems I’ll carry on in the first person….

Hello, I’m David, also known as evaDlivE on PSN and Steam, and MrCheapKills/TheCheapKills on YouTube. I’m not particularly good at gaming, but I give it a go, and have fun, and I enjoy gaming with people who have similar attitude to gaming.

Donncha on the other hand (also known as xXxX1337h34D5h0t5n1p0rXxXx) is an MLG Pro gamer who has won over $850,000 in prize money from major competitions around the world during the past three years. The very thought of him causes players to quit lobbies. Or am I thinking of someone else? Anyway, that’s not too important. What is important is that Donncha and I host The Gamer’s Craic podcast together.

If you want to stalk us find out more about us then here’s where we’re at:




6 Responses to About

  1. getcrackin says:

    I really like listening to your podcast, sirs.
    I was almost too afraid to post this. Don’t hurt me!

  2. Nick says:

    I feel you should pinch yourself strongly just for knowing that much kiddie leet speak. haha..

  3. Mr.Pope says:

    Nice page. What exactly _is_ a podcast?

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