Episode 2 – The Gamer’s Craic

At last, Episode 2 of The Gamer’s Craic is here with our guest – TyeWebb aka Jared aka TheTyeWebb.

We talk about paying to boost, game ports, old school gaming/coding and bit of current gaming.

As usual you can find myself and Donncha around the place generally making it look untidy, and you can find Jared on his channel, or twitter (yes, both of those are links).

TheGamersCraic Episode 2

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5 Responses to Episode 2 – The Gamer’s Craic

  1. ThrashHMG says:

    Great podcast. I didn’t understand every word but at least was trying.

    ZX Spectrum was my first gaming platform :). I remember my first game – it looked like arkanoid – don’t remember full name. Maybe graphic was awful but it was monster machine in that times :D.

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  3. dvotee says:

    Great podcast guys and thnx for the mention….yeah making me spend my hard earned cash and loving the game….damn you, damn you both 😉

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