Episode 1 – The Gamer’s Craic

The very first episode of The Gamer’s Craic is now up! The guest for this episode is our friend Mike who we play with regularly. He’s mj_whittle on PSN, mjwhittle on Twitter and he has a blog too.

Topics covered: Our gaming history (in one breath? Not a chance), playing online with Youtube commentators, Black Ops vs Bad Company 2, retro gaming, and more!

Some links mentioned in the podcast:

listen to the podcast here:

Download the podcast here: The Gamer’s Craic Episode1. (CC BY-SA)
Subscribe in iTunes by clicking on Advanced, then “Subscribe to Podcast” and enter https://thegamerscraic.wordpress.com/feed/ in the little box that appears.

David: blog, twitter, YouTube
Donncha: blog, twitter, YouTube

Don’t forget to check out Don’t Revive Me Bro! too.

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13 Responses to Episode 1 – The Gamer’s Craic

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  2. Redd_dragons says:

    I’m downloading now!

  3. dvotee says:

    lol thanks for the mention guys and for the record, I have only ever tea-bagged the once and that guy was really annoying me (I’m being polite here) At that moment of thought of David’s teabagging vendetta so had to accomodate his lust for a bit of tea 😉

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  5. tyewebb says:

    Great stuff guys. It was also nice to find out that Mike is still alive.

  6. getcrackin says:

    Short, but sweet. How often do you think you’ll be having these little fireside chats? I actually think the length was fine; it would fit nicely into my lunch hour. 🙂

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  8. bosshog36 says:

    I think 40-60 mins is about the right length, and an episode every two weeks or so would be about right. Great start really enjoyed the episode and the chat about general gaming rather than concentrating on You Tube

  9. Nick says:

    Get off your lazy EU butts, teabag away, and do episode #2.

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