Welcome to The Gamer’s Craic

Donncha and I (evaDlivE) are really pleased to announce the imminent launch of our new gaming podcast: The Gamer’s Craic

Some say that it can be found in the dictionary under ‘awesome’, some say it’s better than Chuck Norris’ beard, some even say that this type of description has been plagiarised from TopGear. All I know is that it’s Donncha, me and a guest having fun talking about gaming.

You know you want to listen to it…. but it’s not ready yet! So here’s a teaser:

In the meantime, check out: Don’t Revive Me Bro!

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4 Responses to Welcome to The Gamer’s Craic

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  2. Redd_dragons says:

    Sounds really good guys! I can’t wait for the first episode. I think we should do some cross promotion too. I’ll get a link up on our site soon.

  3. dvotee says:

    Look forward to hearing what you have to say and a great idea!!!!

    Think I’ll need to create a links section on my site now titled ‘Podcasts’

  4. getcrackin says:

    Yaaayyy!!! Get craicin 😀

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