Episode 5 – The Gamer’s Craic

Download (39mb)

Episode 5 of The Gamer’s Craic is now live! This week year we talk to our guest TheFingersHurt about his gaming history, the move from console to PC and many other topics including:

  • Jack Tramiel and Commodore.
  • The value of games.
  • Moving from console to PC (Battlefield)
  • Skyrim
  • Retro gaming (of course)

TheFingersHurt posts great Battlefield videos on his Youtube channel and can be contacted on Twitter too. Subscribe and follow him!

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Can’t believe it’s almost a year since the last episode. Ooops.

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Episode 4 – The Gamer’s Craic

Download here (Right Click > Save AS…)

In episode 4 our guest is Paul aka Dvotee – http://www.youtube.com/dvotee

Our topics this time are:

Arcade Games
The Steam Summer Sale
Attitudes to, and in Gaming
Being on YouTube

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Episode 3 – The Gamer’s Craic

Listen via the player or right click and download here to listen later.

Our guest this time is NGT director and Hupit bod Gary, AKA Hypermole and also mole237 on YouTube.

The main topics of the podcast are the C64 PC (?!), Homefront, Vanquish and Battlefield Play 4 Free.

Don’t forget that Don’t Revive Me Bro also have their podcast running, with the most recent featuring Daniel ‘Zh1nt0’ Matros, the community manager for BattleField games at DICE. You can find it all here

DrunkinDunkin’s blog here

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Episode 2 – The Gamer’s Craic

At last, Episode 2 of The Gamer’s Craic is here with our guest – TyeWebb aka Jared aka TheTyeWebb.

We talk about paying to boost, game ports, old school gaming/coding and bit of current gaming.

As usual you can find myself and Donncha around the place generally making it look untidy, and you can find Jared on his channel, or twitter (yes, both of those are links).

TheGamersCraic Episode 2

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Episode 1 – The Gamer’s Craic

The very first episode of The Gamer’s Craic is now up! The guest for this episode is our friend Mike who we play with regularly. He’s mj_whittle on PSN, mjwhittle on Twitter and he has a blog too.

Topics covered: Our gaming history (in one breath? Not a chance), playing online with Youtube commentators, Black Ops vs Bad Company 2, retro gaming, and more!

Some links mentioned in the podcast:

listen to the podcast here:

Download the podcast here: The Gamer’s Craic Episode1. (CC BY-SA)
Subscribe in iTunes by clicking on Advanced, then “Subscribe to Podcast” and enter https://thegamerscraic.wordpress.com/feed/ in the little box that appears.

David: blog, twitter, YouTube
Donncha: blog, twitter, YouTube

Don’t forget to check out Don’t Revive Me Bro! too.

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Welcome to The Gamer’s Craic

Donncha and I (evaDlivE) are really pleased to announce the imminent launch of our new gaming podcast: The Gamer’s Craic

Some say that it can be found in the dictionary under ‘awesome’, some say it’s better than Chuck Norris’ beard, some even say that this type of description has been plagiarised from TopGear. All I know is that it’s Donncha, me and a guest having fun talking about gaming.

You know you want to listen to it…. but it’s not ready yet! So here’s a teaser:

In the meantime, check out: Don’t Revive Me Bro!

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